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our mission

At Children's Learning Academy we provide an inspiring and evolutionary learning environment that allows our children to express their creativity, full of nurture and love. 

Los niños de molinete
La caza del huevo

our philosophy

Every child is a different world!

At Children's Learning Academy we deal with that universe of creativity where love and care develop our children’s strengths.

our children policy

  • Respect children

  • Modeling and showing respect for others

  • Modeling and showing respect for property

  • Encourage children, be genuine

  • Avoid criticism, stay positive

  • Always pay attention to voice tone

  • Promote independence and respect for oneself

  • Be fair and consistent

  • Enjoy children, have fun with them

  • Avoid conflicts, redirect children before a problem occurs

  • Be willing to admit mistakes, smile and start over

Dibujo de niño
Los huevos de pintura

open door policy

Children's Learning Academy has an open door policy for families. They are more than welcome to visit the center to see what their children do during the day.

Maintaining an open line of communication between the center and families ensures that the best interest of children is served, at home and at the center.

All parents are encouraged to visit, call and send notes. If parents want to discuss a problem or need additional assistance, a conference schedule can be set up with the center's director.

our director


carol félix

  • Miss Carol has a Bs. Degree in Economy with a Major in Finance.

  • She obtained her Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Central Florida (UCF)

  • She also has a Doctor's Degree in Pedagogy (PHD) that obtained in 2016

  • She holds the Florida Director Credential and has more than 10 years of experience in the Childcare industry

  • She is the mother of 3 beautiful children: Leonardo, Caleb and Maite

  • She has a passion for education and is committed to provide high quality childcare service

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